Shore Programmer's Manual - 3 November 94


sshutdown \- how to shut down the Shore Value-Added Server


or, if the server has a Tcl shell:
% exit


A Shore Value-Added server that is configured with a Tcl shell can be shut down by typing the command exit (which is synonymous with x, q, quit, and bye) to the shell. A server that has no shell can be shut down by running the program sshutdown. This program uses options, and should be run with the same configuration file that the server uses. For that purpose, set your environment variable SHORE_RC to point to the configuration file. If you are using all the default values, you do not need to set SHORE_RC. The options used are svas_remote_pmap, and svas_remote_port and svas_host. For the purpose of naming the options, the sshutdown program is considered a server. An example configuration file that will work for the server, and for the sshutdown program, and for clients is as follows:
shore.?.?.svas_host: localhost
shore.server.?.svas_remote_pmap: no
shore.server.?.svas_remote_port: 2998


This manual page applies to Version 0.1 of theShore software.


The Shore project is sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency, ARPA order number 018 (formerly 8230), monitored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under contract DAAB07-91-C-Q518.


Copyright (c) 1994 Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin -- Madison. All Rights Reserved.


options(svas) and environment(svas)