Shore Programmer's Manual - 3 November 94


intro \- introduction to the Shore object cache


#include <ShoreApp.h>
class Shore;
class OCRef;
class PoolScan;


The Shore Object Cache Manager is a part of the Shore Language-Independent Library. Every Shore application process has its own cache manager, which communicates with the Shore Value-Added Server (SVAS) on behalf of Shore applications to begin, commit, and abort transactions, to cache persistent objects for use by application programs, and to resolve pathnames and logical OIDs (LOIDs). Applications access the functionality of the Object Cache Manager through the Shore, REF(t) classes, as well as others.


A complete list of errors that can result from method calls to the Shore Object Cache is given in errors(oc).


This manual page applies to Version 0.1 of theShore software.


The Shore project is sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency, ARPA order number 018 (formerly 8230), monitored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under contract DAAB07-91-C-Q518.


Copyright (c) 1994 Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin -- Madison. All Rights Reserved.


For information about the Unix-compatibility classes and other functions that are available through the object cache, see chdir(oc) , errors(oc) , getcwd(oc) , init(oc) , mkdir(oc) , ostat(oc) , process_options(oc) , readlink(oc) , rename(oc) , rmdir(oc) , stat(oc) , stats(oc) , symlink(oc) , transaction(oc) , umask(oc) , unixcompat(oc) , unlink(oc) , and utimes(oc) .

For information about the REF(T) classes, see ref(oc) .

For information about the run-time support for objects whose types definitions are generated by SDL, see sdlcxx(sdl) .