Paradise displaying Europe data.

Description of the Europe data.

NOTE: Document is under construction.

The database for this sample consists of the following extents :

The projection system used here is LAEA with the center near Berlin. This data was got from the folks working on GEO++ at The TNO Institute of Perception, The Netherlands.

This snapshot shows the results of a query being displayed on the frontend. The query is :
select,, city.population, city.geo_loc, river.geo_pline from city, river
where city.geo_loc overlaps ##PDMAP##
and city.population > 3000000
and river.geo_pline overlaps city.geo_loc.makeBox(500)
This query performs a "join" between the cities extent and the river extent. The query selects all the cities that are in the area being viewed (##PDMAP## is automatically substituted by the front-end for the coordinates of the area under display) that have a population greater than 3M, makes a box of side 500 units around the selected cities, and finds all rivers that overlap with the constructed boxes.

The display shows the result tuples of the join (color red). The name attribute of the city is used for labeling the result tuples. The background in the display consists of the land data (color gold), the borders (color black) and lakes (color blue). (Disclaimer: The map is for the purpose of demonstration only and some of the political boundaries may no longer be correct)

Date Prepared:

13 June 1994
Jignesh Patel /