Installing Niagara on Windows NT/2000


The niagara query engine requires JDK 1.2 or later to compile.  This procedure was tested on Windows NT, but it should also work on Windows 2000 and might work on Windows 95/98.

Obtaining and Unpacking

  • Download
  • Use your favorite program to unzip into your favorite directory, preserving the directory structure in the archive.
  • The top level directory should contain src, lib and demo directories and a batch file called make.bat
  • Configuring/Making

  • Use notepad to edit make.bat  There are two clearly marked variables that may need to be modified:
  • JAVAHOME <==  Set this to your jdk directory.  The default is c:\program files\jdk1.2.2
  • COMPILEFLAGS <== Set your compile flags here.  The default is -g
  • Save and execute make.bat
  • There may be some warnings during the compilation, and those are ok.  If something goes wrong, the compilation will stop at the first error.

    If everything goes well, there should be 4 new batch files and a jar file in the main directory.  They batch files are buildIndex.bat, runSearchEngine.bat, runQueryEngine.bat and runClient.bat.  Note that these files are recreated every time you run make.bat, so all changes you make to them will be lost.

    Running the server

    Ignore this section if you only wish to run the client and connect to an already exisiting Niagara server.

    Before you run the Niagara server for the first time, you must first build the indexes on the XML data.

  • execute buildIndex.bat (only needs to be done whenever you want to build/rebuild indexes!)
  • The indexes will be built over the urls specified in demo\search_engine\niagara.urls
  • execute runSearchEngine.bat
  • The the behavior of the Search Engine can be controlled in demo\search_engine\seindex.config
  • execute runQueryEngine.bat


    Running the client

  • execute runQueryEngine.bat
  • by default the client connects to  If you want it to connect to a different Niagara server, modify runQueryEngine.bat accordingly.

    Questions or comments can be sent to Arthur Kantor or to any of the people here.