Intro to Software Security Barton Miller
Elisa Heymann
Downloading and Running the Exercises

Most of the exercises are delivered to you in a virtual machine, completely configured and ready to run. We use the VirtualBox VM, which can run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Once you install the VM and download our VM image, you will have everything that you need to run work on the assignments.

Note that you will not need to use this virtual machine image for the exercise on numeric errors. You will need it for the exercise on Serialization.

To get started on the assignments, you will need to complete these steps. Note that once you complete step 1, you will not need to do it again. You will repeat steps 2-3 only when there is a need to update the virutal machine for new exercises.

  1. First install the VirtualBox. The VirtualBox website has instructions necessary to do this step.

  2. Once VirtualBox is downloaded and installed, download the exercises VM image here. Make sure to save the downloaded file with the name "security-exercises-23.ova". Check to make sure that there are no other file name extension, such as ".tar".

  3. Start the exercise VM by double-clicking on the "security-exercises-23.ova" file that you just downloaded and following the prompts to import the appliance. Once you have imported the machine, you should see the newly imported appliance listed in the left-hand panel of VirtualBox. Select the appliance and click the "Start" button located near the top of the VirtualBox window. Depending on your host system, it may take a few minutes to start the virtual machine.