Condor tutorial for Condor Week 2005

Welcome to the Condor Tutorial! We hope you enjoy this tutorial. This online tutorial provides you with enough information to go through the tutorial at your own pace. However, your tutorial leaders will walk you through it and provide assistance. Even if you proceed at your own pace, please stop and listen when the tutorial leaders provides information at the beginning of each section: he will provide material not in this tutorial. And do not hesitate to ask questions!

This tutorial is divided into several sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Submitting your first Condor job
  3. Submitting a standard universe job
  4. Submitting a Java job
  5. Coordinating set of jobs: A simple DAG
  6. A more complex DAG
  7. Handling jobs that fail with DAGMan
  8. Finishing up

Related Presentations

There are a couple of associated PowerPoint presentations. These are not part of the hands-on tutorial, but were presented at Condor Week