NeST: Network Storage
Flexible Commodity Storage Appliances

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NeST is software network storage appliance designed to provide guaranteed storage allocation. These allocation units, called lots, provide a guaranteed space for a period of time. Both the size and duration of lots are negotiated between NeST and the user or application. NeST lots can also be expanded in size and extended in time (again, this is negotiated between the user / application and NeST), and can be subdivided into a hierarchy. Expired lots are reclaimed by NeST, allowing the space to be re-used. NeST also provides access control lists for both lot and file access. Finally, NeST provides multiple protocol interfaces, including its internal 'Chirp', HTTP and GSI-FTP, the latter accomplished through close collaboration with the GridFTP team.

NeST was originally designed and developed primarily by John Bent, at the time a graduate student. Currently, NeST is maintained & developed primarily by Nick LeRoy, a staff member of the Condor Team.

For more information, a good place to start is the HPDC paper.  Please feel free also to email us with any questions, suggestions or concerns.

  • 2006-11-13 NeST 0.9.8 released.