Specific Information on the Intel Linux port of Condor

All questions, bugs, or problems with Condor should be addressed to condor-admin@cs.wisc.edu

Beginning with Condor Version 6.1.9, we have greatly expanded the number of different Linux distributions and installations that we support. However, you still must choose the appropriate version for your site.

Any version of Condor (6.1.9 or later) can now run on either the 2.0.X stable Linux kernel, or the 2.2.X stable kernel. You do not need separate Condor installations for 2.2.X vs. 2.0.X kernels. There is no support for development series kernels, such as 2.1.X, or 2.3.X.

The fundamental problem right now is that there are 3 different versions of the C library (libc) in use on different Linux distributions, and each one needs a separate version of Condor. The Condor binaries are each named by the libc they are linked with. The following table shows the different names for the versions of libc, and what they correspond to:

Name Notes
libc5 "old libc" or "libc 5"
glibc20 "GNU libc version 2.0" or "libc 6.0"
glibc21 "GNU libc version 2.1" or "libc 6.1"

The following table will list the most popular Linux distributions, and which version of libc they use. You must download the appropriate version(s) of Condor for the version(s) of the C library on each of your machines.

Debian 1.X libc5
Debian 2.X glibc20
Red Hat 4.X libc5
Red Hat 5.X glibc20
Red Hat 6.X glibc21
S.U.S.E. 5.X libc5
S.U.S.E. 6.0 or 6.1 glibc20
S.U.S.E. 6.2 glibc21

If your distribution is not listed in this table, or you're not using a stock distribution, here's how you can determine what version of the C library you have on your machine. Just look at the actual library itself. It is always named with a version.

% ls -l /lib/libc*

Even though you need to install separate versions of Condor if you have different Linux versions in your pool, if you are submitting "standard" jobs to Condor, once you run condor_compile to link your job on a given platform, that job can run anywhere, regardless of the version of Linux. Therefore, the "OpSys" attribute for all versions of Linux now just reads "LINUX", since as far as Condor is concerned for the purposes of matching jobs to machines, all Linux versions are the same.

If you have any questions about any of this, please send them to condor-admin@cs.wisc.edu.