HTCondor Week 2014

University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
April 28-30, 2014

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Watch Online

We hope you'll be able to attend HTCondor Week. The talks and tutorials are just the start of a conversation between HTCondor developers, administrators, and users. Many of the best moments at HTCondor Week are during the informal discussions during breaks, over lunch, and after each day's presentations. This is the chance to learn about the work done by attendees who are not speaking, to hear advice from other users based on their practical experiences, and to ask a speaker to expand on something from their talk.

If you are unfortunately unable to attend, you will be able to view the tutorials and talks given at HTCondor Week 2014. We are streaming the talks live on the web. During breaks, there may not be streams.

We will be keeping an eye on IRC on Freenode #distcomp for questions for our speakers. Web interface to IRC.

Recordings of some tutorials will be available after the conference.

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