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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
Paradyn Tutorials

Dyninst Tutorial, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Teaching Lab in the third floor

You will have a take a seperate elevator to the teaching lab. If you have questions, please contact the registration desk.
9:00 - 12:00am
This tutorial will begin with a short presentation on how to use the Dyninst API and new DynC language for specifying instrumentation snippets, followed by programming exercises using Dyninst and DynC to build a code coverage tool. Details on the programming exercise are available here. Paradyn project members will be on hand to help with the exercise and to answer Dyninst coding questions. Participants will be using their own laptops for the programming exercise, and will ssh into a machine with Dyninst set up and ready to go. If you plan to attend the tutorial and need to borrow a laptop, we can accommodate you if you let us know beforehand.