Condor: High Throughput Computing Condor Week
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
April 24-27, 2006

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Event Presenter
Tutorial: Using Condor (PowerPoint) Nick LeRoy
Condor Project
Tutorial: Administering Condor (PowerPoint) (Handout) Alan De Smet
Condor Project
Tutorial: Condor on Windows (PowerPoint) Greg Quinn
Condor Project
Tutorial: Securing a Condor Installation (PowerPoint) Zach Miller
Condor Project
Tutorial: Quill (PowerPoint) Pete Keller
Condor Project
Tutorial: Using Condor's High-Availability Features (PowerPoint) Artyom Sharov
Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Tutorial: Accounting, Group Quotas, and User Priorities (PowerPoint) Todd Tannenbaum
Condor Project
Tutorial: Using Master-Worker (PowerPoint) Greg Thain
Condor Project
Tutorial: Developer APIs to Condor (PowerPoint) Matt Farrellee and Todd Tannenbaum
Condor Project
Tutorial: Stork (PowerPoint) Jeff Weber
Condor Project
Tutorial: Condor's Web Interface Zach Miller
Condor Project
Tutorial: GCB (PowerPoint) Alain Roy
Condor Project
Welcome (PowerPoint) Miron Livny
Condor Project
Schedd on the side (PowerPoint) Dan Bradley
Condor Project
CDF: Using Condor-G Glide-in and GCB to run in a grid environment (Open Office) (PDF) Matthew Norman
University of California, San Diego
Panda: The US ATLAS Production and Distributed Analysis System (PowerPoint) Xin Zhao
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Dynamic Deployment of VO Specific Condor Scheduler using GT4 (PowerPoint) Gaurang Mehta
Open Science Grid (PDF) Ruth Pordes
Fermi National Laboratory
FermiGrid (PowerPoint) Steve Timm
Fermi National Laboratory
Purdue Campus Grid (PowerPoint) Preston Smith
Purdue University
Experiences with Condor at Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF) Alex Withers
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Solving the Football Pool Problem with MW (PDF) Jeff Linderoth
Lehigh University
A master-worker framework for solving optimal growth models in economics. (PDF) Che-Lin Su
Northwestern University
Designing Middleware for Volunteer Computing (OpenOffice) (PowerPoint) David Anderson
U.C. Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
Resource selection in OSG and SAM-on-the-fly project (PowerPoint) Parag Mhashilkar
Fermi National Laboratory
CondorDB (PowerPoint) Jeffrey Naughton
University of Wisconsin
Easy Administration of Condor with DRBL (PowerPoint) Bruno Goncalves
Emory University
Modeling and Predicting Resource Availability in Federated Distributed Computing Environments (PowerPoint) Rich Wolski
University of California, Santa Barbara
Cyberinfrastructure for Distributed Rapid Response to National Emergencies (PowerPoint) (PDF) Horst Severini
OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research
FT-MPICH : Providing fault tolerance for MPI parallel applications (PowerPoint) Heon Yeom
Seoul National University
Tactical Storage: Simple, Secure, and Semantic Access to Distributed Data (PowerPoint) Doug Thain
University of Notre Dame
gLite and Condor: Present and Future (PowerPoint) John White
Vulnerability Assessment of Grid Software (PowerPoint) Jim Kupsch
University of Wisconsin, Computer Sciences Dept.
NMI+ETICS+OMII (PowerPoint) Peter Couvares
Condor Project
Improving the Research Bootstrap of Condor High Throughput Computing for Non-Cluster Experts Based on Knoppix Instant Computing Technology (PowerPoint) Fumikazu KONISHI
RIKEN Yokohama Institute
Condor in Financial Services (PDF) Michael Ryan
JP Morgan
Batch Computing at Altera: Condor, Quill and The Enterprise (PowerPoint) Ian Chesal
Altera Corporation
Thinking Outside the Nest (PowerPoint) Robert Nordlund
Hartford Life
Making Omelets without Breaking Eggs: Adding Enterprise features to Condor (PowerPoint) Jason Stowe
Cycle Computing
Follow-the-Moon Optimization with Condor-Enabled Genetic Algorithms (PowerPoint) Brooklin Gore
Evaluating Condor for Enterprise Use: A UBS Case Study (PowerPoint) Gregg Cooke
Experiments in Utility Computing: Condor and Hadoop (PowerPoint) Sameer Paranjpye
OpenEMS -- Automating the data center with Condor (PowerPoint) Jagadish Changavi
Grid Laboratory Of Wisconsin+DISUN (PowerPoint) Sridhara Dasu
University of Wisconsin
Running Condor in a Virtual Environment with coLinux (PowerPoint) Sumanth J.V
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Developments in Condor's High Availability Services (PowerPoint) Artyom Sharov
Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Dynamic DAGMan with ClassAds (PowerPoint) Himani Apte
Condor Project
What's new in Condor? What's coming up? (PowerPoint) Todd Tannenbaum
Condor Project
Research BOF: Problems in Dynamic Service Deployment (PowerPoint) Joe Meehan
Condor Project
Research BOF: Virtual Machines in Condor (PowerPoint) Jaeyoung Yoon
Condor Project
BOF: Condor, Grids, and interfacing with other scheduler (PowerPoint) Jaime Frey
Condor Project