Condor Week 2005 Photos

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Alan De Smet giving the administrator tutorial Jeff Linderoth explaining Master Worker Jeff Naughton discussing databases interacting with Condor
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Gabi Kliot discussing high availability Bruce Beckles talking about security in Condor Greg Thain, developer of the parallel universe
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Ian Foster extoling the virtues of service oriented science Charaka Goonatilake discussing the new SOAP interface to Condor Brooklin Gore from Micron talking about their use of Condor
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Bob Nordlund from Hartford Life talking about Risk Modelling with Condor Jason Stowe from C.O.R.E. Feature Animation, talking about making movies with Condor Gita Karipineni from Cadence Design, talking about How they use Condor
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Surendra Reddy from Optena talking about what they have built on top of Condor Duncan Brown from LIGO talking about LIGO's large-scale data analysis John Kewley talking about the Condor Zoo
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Dan Nurmi, UCSB, talking about Automatic Statistical Evaluation of Resources for Condor Becky Gietzel, talking about how we build and test Condor using Condor Todd Tannenbaum, presenting a humourous click-through license before allowing attendees to see his talk
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Gurindar Sohi talking about the positive impact that Miron Livny and Condor have had on the CS department. Mark Hill presenting Miron Livny with a sign from Miron Construction Tony Chan and Miron Livny, talking during a break
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A view of the attendees Attendees basking in the glow of their laptops Deirdre Joyce--she made the conference run smoothly
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Erwin Laure chatting with Doug Thain, an ex-Condor graduate student Two of the hard-working Condor staff, Zach Miller and Jeff Weber At the reception in the Fluno Center, hosted by Optena
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Enjoying food at the reception Good conversation at the reception Excellent music by the Handphibians at the reception
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Enjoying the reception Giving away an iPod at the reception. Don't you wish you were there?