Condor Week 2004 Presentations


PowerPoint User tutorialNick LeRoy
PowerPoint Handout Administrator Tutorial Alan De Smet
Web page Condor-G hands-on tutorial Carey Kireyev
Building on top of Condor Erik Paulson
MS Word PDF Using Condor Effectively Alain Roy
MS Word PDF Using Condor-G Effectively, Alain Roy Alain Roy


File Title Presenter
PowerPoint Welcome & the challenges of Batch Computing Miron Livny (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Explicit Control in a Batch-aware Distributed File System John Bent (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Reliable and Efficient Grid Data Placement using Stork and DiskRouter Tevfik Kosar (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Dealing with Internet Connectivity in Distributed Computing Se-Chang Son (Condor Team)
PowerPoint The Bologna Batch System Peter Couvares (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Transparent Access to Computing and Data Using Condor Technologies Doug Thain (Condor Team), on behalf of Sander Klous (NIKHEF)
PowerPoint Data Pipelines: Real Life Fully Automated Fault-tolerant Data Movement and Processing George Kola (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Supporting the computational needs of Structural Genomics Zach Miller (Condor Team)
PowerPoint What's New in Condor Todd Tannenbaum (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Condor and Web Services Matt Farrellee (Condor Team)
PDF OpenOffice Technion's Condor Enhancements: High availability, Usability, and Manageability GOZAL Mark Silberstein (Technion Israel Institute of Technology)
PowerPoint Condor-G: A Case in Distributed Job Delegation Jaime Frey (Condor Team)
PDF Mapping Condor Doug Thain (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Condor & eMinerals Paul Wilson (University College London)
N/A GLOW--Building a campus-wide Condor pool David Schwartz (Laboratory for Molecular and Computational Genomics, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
PowerPoint General Purpose Computing with Condor Brooklin Gore (Micron)
PowerPoint Condor at the RHIC computing farms in BNL Tomasz Wlodek (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
PowerPoint OpenOffice The CDF batch system Igor Sfiligoi (INFN Frascati)
PowerPoint Pegasus & Condor-G Guarang Mehta (Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California)
PowerPoint The EGEE project: An overview Frederic Hemmer, IT Division, CERN
PDF Grid 2003 and the Open Science Grid Ruth Pordes (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
PowerPoint The SAM-Grid and the use of Condor-G as a grid job management middleware Gabriele Garzoglio (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
PowerPoint PDF LIGO Scientific Collaboration Grid Patrick Brady (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
PowerPoint Bridging Unicore and Condor Hidemoto Nakada
PowerPoint PVM & Condor checkpointing Jozsef Kovacs (MTA SZTAKI, Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Budapest, Hungary)
PowerPoint Condor & Middleware: NMI & VDT< Alain Roy (Condor Team)
PowerPoint Condor roadmap to future work Todd Tannenbaum (Condor Team)