Pictures From Condor Week 2004

These are a few pictures from Condor Week 2004, to give you a taste of what it was like. We didn't manage to snap pictures of everyone, unfortunately.

Miron Livny, the father of Condor shared his wisdom with everyone.

Deirdre Joyce was the behind the scenes organizer that made everything happen.

Doug Thain, a Condor graduate student, told us how Condor is spreading across the world.

Jaime Frey, a Condor graduate student shared his thoughts on the future of Condor-G.

Matt Farrellee, a Condor graduate student, (right) told us about web services and Condor. Notice all of the flags: there is one for every country from which we had a visitor at Condor Week.

Todd Tannenbaum, the most senior Condor developer, shared his thoughts on where Condor will be in the coming months and years.

Alain Roy told us how the Condor Team helps out with the NMI and VDT projects.

John Bent, a Condor graduate student, gave us a vision of the future in accessing data on a grid.

Mark Silberstein, even though he is not a Condor developer, is doing a huge amount of work to improve Condor as part of the GOZAL project.

One of the most important reasons for the quality of Condor Week is that we have so many excellent people come and share their thoughts with us.

Paul Wilson told us about the eMinerals project in the UK, and how they use Condor on nearly 1000 Windows-based CPUs.

Frederic Hemmer gave us the scoop on one of the big new grid projects in the Europe, EGEE

Ruth Pordes told us all about the Open Science Grid and Grid2003

Jozsef Kovacs told us about the interesting work on checkpoint Condor jobs that use PVM being done at the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems at MTA Sztaki in Hungary.

Scott Koranda and Paul Armor visited us from the LIGO group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Paul Armor and Hari Pulapka chat during a break.

Stu Martin and Peter Lane from the Globus Alliance visited us.

People chatted over the delicious food.

Miron Livny chatting with Miquel Senar.

Michael Remijan chatting with Tevik Kosar.

Jason Smith and Tony Chan from Brookhaven National Laboratory.