Motion Editing: Principles, Practice and Promise

SIGGRAPH '00 Course


  1. Introduction and Welcome (Gleicher)
  2. Basics 1: Poses and Rotations (Grassia)
  3. Basics 2: Inverse Kinematics (Popovic)
  4. Basics 3: Motion Editing and Signal Processing (Gleicher)
  5. Motion Editing Tools (Thingvold)
  6. Research Overview (Gleicher and Popovic)
  7. Research Survey (Gleicher and Popovic)
  8. The "Whys" of Motion Editing (Rosenthal)

Video from all 3 of Mike Gleicher's presentation in 1 Quicktime file. This is exactly what I had on my tape, including count downs and spaces. It's a postage stamp, but it should give you an idea.

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