....Download MotView.
....The following lists the many ways you can obtain the MotView package. Please note that even though we have only compiled a WindowsNT version and Linux version, the use of FLTK and OpenGL allows the code to be compiled on any platform you desire. Good luck, and if you have compiled a new version of enhanced our product, feel free to e-mail either Steve or myself (see copyright notice on the bottom of the page). We will be more than happy to include your work as part of our own. Oh, and be sure to have SGI's Standard Toolkit Library (STL) around, as the build will require that as well.

....Download the WindowsNT binary of MotView 0.8. Late breaking update! This is the up-to-date version (recompiled with proper names). Sorry for not having this ver up sooner.

....Download the Linux binary of MotView 0.8.
....(STEVE went to bed, so i can't get it tonight!)

....Download the multi-platform source of MotView 0.8.
....(This contains a project file for Windows NT as well as a makeFile for the Linux platform.)


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