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CS638 Fall 2001: Project Stage 4.0

Target Arena Free-for-All

Due Date: 5pm Friday Dec 14

This stage is to be done with your group.

Do whatever you would like to improve the game. There are almost no rules, but you will be graded based on how difficult it is to do what you do. In other words, something that LithTech essentially does for you is not worth much (like multi-texturing or LOD).

Some things you might like to do:

  • Particle systems of various kinds (but LithTech does much of it for you).
  • Moving targets and target following rockets.
  • Different gameplay - different scoring schemes, for instance.
  • New levels, and multiple levels in the game (the game logic is important, not the modeling).
  • Load and save game state.
  • The list is far from exhaustive.

    Start with your solution to stage 3, and modify from there. There is no need to keep a copy of your stage 3 around (unless you want to do so for your own sake).

    Directory Space, Submission and Grading

    Again, work in your group directory however you see fit. Grading is by demo during the first two days of exam period.

    Tips and Suggestions

    You're essentially on your own for this one. As part of your design process, look at the LithTech docs to see whether or not it provides facilities to help you (such as a particle system implementation).

    Late Policy

    You may submit your project late, with a penalty of 5% of your score per day or part thereof that you are late. The penalty is exacted before your grade is truncated.

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