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CS638 Fall 2001: Project Stage 3.0

AI for Target Arena

Due Date: 5pm Friday Nov 30

This stage is to be done with your group.

Your task in this stage is to add some AI, of any form, to Target Arena. There are no specific requirements for the type of AI or how it should behave. Grading will be based largely upon how smart your AI appears to be, as well as factors like the kind of paths it takes and the speed of its reactions.

Some suggestions for simple AI behaviors include:

This is a big task. Plan what you are going to do and make an effort to design it ahead of time and map out the sub-problems that you must solve. Identify any bottlenecks or things you don't know how to do, and work around them. Do not be too ambitious. In particular, try to come up with a design that gives you something simple early, which you then build upon. There will be significantly more programming required for this stage than for the earlier stages, but you have an extra week.

Your characters do not have to exhibit high quality animation. I don't care if they are floating spheres.

Start with your solution to stage 1, and modify from there. There is no need to keep a copy of your stage 1 around (unless you want to do so for your own sake).

Directory Space, Submission and Grading

Again, work in your group directory however you see fit. Grading is by demo. We'll use the same sign-up, in-person grading as before, but this time we might open it up to public display.

Supporting Materials

Some code and objects are available to help you with this stage. There is:

Note also that some material covered in class, but not in the context of AI, might be useful. In particular, the material on Billboards has information about aligning something to face the player.

Late Policy

You may submit your project late, with a penalty of 5% of your score per day or part thereof that you are late.

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