CS559 - Computer Graphics

Course Policies

Note: These policies are always subject to amendment.

Requirements and Grading

There are several components to this course, all of which are important to satisfactory completion of the course:

All programming projects must compile under Microsoft Visual C++ and run on machines in room B240. If it doesn't run, it doesn't get graded.

Late Policy

Projects will be accepted up to one week late, with a penalty of 10% per day: 10% of the grade that would have been given is subtracted each day, with partial days counting as full days.
Late homeworks will not be accepted, but one homework will be ignored when computing the grade.
Programming Assignments
Programming assignments aren't graded, but questions later in the semester that concern material covered by these assignments will simply be referred back to the assignment.


Unless explicitly informed otherwise, students must produce their own programs for the projects, and students must write their own solutions to the homeworks. Cheating that is detected will be formally acted on.

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