For the DLR Institute of Data Science in Jena a new research group "Data access and processing" will be established. In the course of the scientific activities of the group, novel, scalable data management systems for non-relational data (e.g., raster data, time series data, point cloud data) will be designed and developed. The research activities are conducted by considering and leveraging modern hardware technologies (e.g., multi-core processing, SIMD, NVMe SSDs, computational storage, non-volatile memory, etc.) and modern software development best practices and tools. Initial cooperation projects exist with external partners, such as the Ilmenau University of Technology and the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, as well as other DLR institutes from the application areas space, energy, and transportation. In addition, new application partners from other DLR institutes and external academic and industrial partners shall be identified and involved in further research activities. The job holder will develop novel methods and processes for efficiently managing and processing large data volumes from various application areas, such as earth observation, astronomy, autonomous driving, and power generation. A particular emphasis will be on the design and development of solutions, which can scale to large data volumes and are tailored to the respective execution environment (e.g., on-premise, cloud, edge). The developed concepts shall be implemented and integrated into real data management systems using the corresponding software development processes.

Besides the scientific work, the job holder takes over the scientific lead of the research group "Data access and processing" and is responsible for setting the strategic and technical direction of the research group. In addition to the coordination of the scientific work, the job holder establishes new national and international cooperations with academic and industrial partners.

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