Please consider submitting a paper to HANIMOB'21 -- a SIGSPATIAL workshop.
The submission deadline is August 31, 2021.

The 1st ACM SIGSPATIAL 2021 Workshop on  Animal Movement Ecology and Human Mobility (HANIMOB 2021)

2 Nov 2021, Beijing, China and Zoom

In recent years, collection of tracking data has become ubiquitous in many scientific disciplines. One 
of these is movement ecology, which studies the spatio-temporal patterns and processes that regulate 
animal movement. Ecologists collect data on animal movement relying on animal-attached bio-logging tags 
(e.g. GPS sensors) and combine resulting trajectories with contextual data on environment, such as remote 
sensing products or other empirically collected  data.  Movement is also studied and tracking data 
collected in human mobility research, which spans a set of disciplines, from Spatial Computing, to GIScience, 
physics and transportation science. While data and analytical methods are similar between the animal and human 
disciplines, there is little interdisciplinary awareness of these similarities. Recently, GIScientists have 
called for the establishment of the Integrated Science of Movement, with the specific aim to bridge 
the gap between movement ecology and human mobility and raise awareness of respective problems, data and methods. 
This workshop aims to bridge ecology, GIScience and Spatial Computing.

Example topics include but are not limited to:

- Availability and downscaling of human mobility data for analysis of wildlife-human interaction
- Integration of human mobility concepts in movement ecology
- Integration of ecological concepts in human mobility analysis
- Methods for data fusion of movement data and contextual data (environmental, remote sensing, etc.)
- Context-aware movement analysis (analyzing integrated movement and contextual data)
- Use cases in human mobility and/or animal movement analysis
- Software platforms for animal and/or human movement
- Data science and movement analytics approaches to movement ecology or human mobility
- Visualisation and visual analytics for animal and/or human movement
- Geoprivacy issues in both human mobility and animal ecology 
- Ethics of movement data analysis, open data and open methods

Federico Ossi            Trento University, Italy
Fatima Hachem            University of Milan, Italy
Francesca Cagnacci       Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy
Urška Demšar             University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK
Maria Luisa Damiani      University of Milan, Italy

Vanessa Brum Bastos     University of St Andrews, UK
Kevin Buchin            Technical University Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Maike Buchin            Rurh-University Bochum, Germany
Vickie De Nicola        University of Trento
Somayeh Dodge           University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Sabrina Gaito           University of Milan, Italy
Jed Long                Western University, Canada
Harvey Miller           Ohio State University, USA
Jennifer Miller         University of Texas at Austin, USA
Ruth Oliver             Yale University, USA
Chiara Renso            CNR, Italy
Kamran Safi             Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour, Germany
Robert Weibel           University of Zürich, Switzerland

Paper submissions:     31 Aug 2021
Notiifcation:          30 Sept 2021
Camera-ready:          15 Oct 2021

Papers can:
- present research projects at different stage of development
- present case studies/demos of new systems (even works in progress)
- discuss the needs and problems associated with the use of human mobility data for 
ecological investigation (position papers)
- discuss case studies published elsewhere, but in the optic of the theme of the workshop 
(e.g. potential applications of methodologies)

In any case, submitted papers must be neither previously published nor under review by another workshop, conference or journal. 
Only electronic submissions in PDF will be accepted. We accept two types of submissions: long papers (max 8-10 pages), short papers (4 pages).
Papers should conform to the standard ACM Template