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Call For Papers

Special Issue "Human Factors in Business Technology Management" - EuroMed Journal of Business

A Business Journal for the European - Mediterranean region
URL: https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/emjb/human-factors-business-technology-management

Research in Business Technology Management (BTM) aims to connect the world of business and technology management. It offers a unique perspective on the use of Information Technology to understand and optimize business processes.

From an academic perspective, considerable attention has been dedicated to technological issues confronting businesses; however, relatively little attention is geared towards human factor issues at the interplay of BTM research. Understanding and addressing human factors-related issues within BTM can be advantageous to organizational sustenance and growth.

The objective of this special issue is based on four folds described as follows:
1. Highlighting the significance of human factors in BTM
2. Understanding how human factors lead to exploring different design thinking lifecycles and decision tools
3. Using human factors to rethink contemporary moral and privacy-related issues within BTM research
4. Design thinking, developing, and testing technology artifacts from a human-centered perspective

This special issue aims to fill the research gap by attracting innovative and practical solutions to the above-listed human factor issues. The special issue covers a range of critical topics inviting critical and cross-disciplinary insights from authors. We welcome theoretical, empirical, and experimental studies that present a solution-focused understanding and advance human factors research theory and practice in the BTM space. To better align this Special Issue with the journal's aims and scope, authors of empirical papers are encouraged to gather evidence from the European or Mediterranean regions. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Algorithmic Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness
- User Experience of Information Systems
- Social Robots
- Design Thinking
- User-centered Design
- Persuasive Technology
- Gamification
- Cybersecurity and Privacy
- Human-machine Interaction
- Well-being and social network sites
- Online leadership
- Man-machine Symbiosis
- Dark Patterns in UX Design
- Stakeholder Centered Design
- Stakeholder Centric Design Thinking

Key Dates
Submission deadline: 1st November 2021
Paper revisions expected: January-February 2022
Final Decisions expected: April 2022
Expected issue publication: Volume 17.4, 2022

Submission Link: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/emjb

Guest Editorial Board

Umair Rehman
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
E-mail: urehman@wlu.ca (primary contact) 

Muhammad Umair Shah
Department of Management Sciences
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo, Canada

Tali Gazit
Department of Information Science
Faculty of Humanities
Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Department of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa, Turkey

Frank Danzinger
Faculty of Business	
Augsburg University of Applied Science, Germany
Patrick C. K. Hung
Faculty of Business and Information Technology
Ontario Tech University, Canada