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ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality
Special Issue on Data Quality and Ethics

The Web and the worldwide extent of the usage of IT and computers have generated a plethora of datasets in all kinds of application areas. This data, however, can correspond to useful information only if it is of good quality and it can be profitable to society only if its usage conforms to ethical principles. We thus advocate the need to extend the well-established data quality vision to incorporate ethics explicitly. For this issue, we then propose to investigate the dimensions of ethics in connection with the various phases of the information extraction process, that is, the process of (i) identifying the data sources containing the information of interest, (ii) collecting the corresponding data and integrating them in order to produce a unique dataset, and (iii) applying the appropriate information extraction methods. 

The topics of interest of this special issue include:
- provenance and privacy
- algorithmic fairness
- nondiscriminatory knowledge extraction
- algorithmic transparency
- eXplainable AI
- bias in machine learning
- results interpretability
- ethical result personalization
- diversity-aware influence propagation
- automated fact-checking
- responsible data management
- data quality concepts, metrics, and models
- data governance
- data cleaning
- master data management
- entity resolution
- social-minded measures of data quality

We welcome four types of research contributions:
- Full research papers describing a novel contribution to the field (up to 25 pages)
- Experience papers discussing important lessons learned (up to 20 pages)
- Vision and Challenge papers (up to 7 pages)
- Survey papers (up to 30 pages)

JDIQ welcomes manuscripts that extend prior published work, provided they contain at least 30% new material, and that the significant new contributions are clearly identified in the introduction.

Important Dates:
- Submission accepted starting: June 1, 2021
- Submission deadline: July 5, 2021
- First-round review decisions: October 15, 2021
- Deadline for revision submissions: December 15, 2021
- Notification of final decisions: February 15, 2021
- Tentative publication: May-June 2022

Guest Editors:
- Donatella Firmani, Roma Tre University, donatella.firmani@uniroma3.it
- Letizia Tanca, Politecnico di Milano, letizia.tanca@polimi.it
- Riccardo Torlone, Roma Tre University, riccardo.torlone@uniroma3.it

Submission Information:
Submission guidelines with Latex or Word templates are available here: http://jdiq.acm.org/authors.cfm#subm 
Please submit the paper by selecting as type of submission: SI: Data Quality and Ethics.