Call for Papers
Declarative AI 2021:
Rules, Reasoning, Decisions and Explanations
Leuven, 8-15 September 2021

Declarative AI is the leading international conference on the blending of rules, reasoning, AI, decisions, rule-based machine learning and explanations. It will take place from 8-15 September, virtually from Leuven (Belgium). One of the main goals of the conference is to build bridges between academia and industry in the area of rule-based reasoning and applications. The event aims at presenting the latest advancements in AI and rules, reasoning, decisions, semantic web and their adoption in information systems.

Declarative AI 2020 brings together:

* the 5th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2021): The leading conference in rule-based reasoning and learning, devoted to theoretical advancements, novel technologies, and innovative applications of knowledge representation and reasoning with rules, including:

o General Research Track and Industry Track. High-quality papers related to research and artificial intelligence applications that involve rule-based representation and reasoning are solicited. The proceedings of the conference is published with Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series. The conference can be looked up in the widely recognized CORE Rank under the acronym RuleML, used before its merger with the RR conference.

o the 15th famous International Rule Challenge, presenting innovative rule-based tools, demos and applications, related to the RuleML+RR 2021 topics.

o the Doctoral Consortium, to attract and promote student research in Artificial Intelligence, especially research on rule-based formalisms and reasoning. It offers students at an early or intermediate stage of their research a close contact with leading experts in the field, as well as the opportunity to present and discuss their ideas in a dynamic and friendly setting.
RuleML+RR Call for Papers:

* the 8th DecisionCAMP 2021: Symposium of leading decision management authorities, researchers, vendors, and practitioners, to discuss the current state of the Decision Management practice, the use of the DMN standard, real-world cases and their solutions supported by various DM tools. Target audience: Digital decisioning practitioners (Business Analysts, Business Experts, Developers or Architects). 
DecisionCAMP Call for Presentations:

* the 17th Reasoning Web Summer School (RW 2021): The Reasoning Web Summer School disseminates recent advancements in Semantic Web and Linked Data applications. It is primarily intended for postgraduate or PhD researchers, young and senior researchers. 
RW Summer School Call for Applications:

Keynote speakers:
* Prof. Alon Y. Halevy, Director at Facebook AI
* other keynote speakers to be announced soon

Important dates:
* June 13: Submission deadline RW Summer School
* June 18: Submission deadline RuleML+RR, DecisionCAMP
* July 24: Rule Challenge submission deadline

Core organization team:
* Declarative AI 2021 General Chair: Jan Vanthienen (KU Leuven, Belgium)

* RuleML+RR 2021 Chairs: Sotiris Moschoyiannis (Department of Computer Science, University of Surrey, UK), Rafael Penaloza Nyssen (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
o Industry Track Chairs: Nikolay Nikolov (SINTEF, Norway), Ioan Toma (ONLIM, Austria)
o Rule Challenge 2021 Chairs: Alireza Tamaddoni Nezhad (University of Surrey, UK), Ahmet Soylu (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)
o Proceedings Chair: Dumitru Roman (SINTEF AS / University of Oslo, Norway)
o Doctoral Consortium Chairs: Anna Fensel (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Joost Vennekens (KU Leuven, Belgium)

* DecisionCAMP 2021 Chair: Jacob Feldman (OpenRules, USA)

* Reasoning Web 2021 Chairs: Mantas Simkus (Institute of Logic and Computation, TU Wien, Austria), Ivan Varzinczak (CRIL, Université d’Artois & CNRS, France)

Thanks to our partners and sponsors: KU Leuven - Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ) – Springer LNCS – Leuven.AI

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