Full-time assistant/associate professor in computer science at Telecom SudParis, Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Deadline: April 18th, 2021
Applications via: https://institutminestelecom.recruitee.com/l/en/o/maitre-de-conferences-en-informatique-fh

Telecom SudParis is hiring an assistant/associate Professor for the Computer Science Department (INF).
Telecom SudParis (telecom-sudparis.eu) is a member of both Institut Polytechnique de Paris (ip-paris.fr) and Institut Mines-Telecom (imt.fr).
Located both in Evry and Palaiseau, it offers an excellent environment for research and teaching. The candidate will join the SAMOVAR laboratory, ACMES team and be associated in the computer science department (IDIA) at IP Paris.

We are looking for a high-potential candidate with teaching and research experience,  carrying a research project related to the activities of the DIEGO group (https://www.inf.telecom-sudparis.eu/diego/).

      Research profile
The candidate must have strong skills in one or more of the following research topics related to semi-structured or unstructured streaming data and uncertainty management :
- On-the-fly processing of large-scale data streams;
- Acquisition and analysis of semi-structured or unstructured data streams (text, emails, social media streams, event logs, etc.);
- Stream-oriented query languages;
- Distributed stream processing;
- Managing uncertainty in data streams;
- Incremental online learning and reasoning of data streams for recommendation, anomaly detection, prediction, decision making, etc.;
- Formal models for continuous data representation and analysis.

      Teaching profile
The candidate will be responsible for teaching and organizing courses in the engineer and master teaching programs at Telecom SudParis. In addition to the core courses in computer science, the new recruit would be able to teach for master's degree courses in the field of processing, querying and mining massive unstructured and heterogeneous data streams. Besides teaching, the recruit should design and organize teaching activities for undergraduate and graduate students, coordinate pedagogical teams and supervise students in scholar and research projects, internships, etc.

      How to apply
Deadline for applications: April 18th, 2021
Expected audition period: May/June 2021 either physically or remotely
Expected start date (negotiable): September 1st, 2021

For more details about the position or to apply, please see the following page:

Candidates are strongly encouraged to contact the department to discuss and refine their research and teaching projects:
	- Djamel Belaïd (Djamel dot Belaid at telecom-sudparis.eu), head of the computer science department
	- Amel Bouzeghoub (Amel dot Bouzeghoub at telecom-sudparis.eu), head of the ACMES research team, Samovar lab

Location: Telecom SudParis, Institut Polytechnique de Paris
		Computer Science department, SAMOVAR lab, ACMES team
		Campus of Telecom SudParis, Evry and Palaiseau, 25km south of Paris, France