Dear all,
It is a great pleasure for us to announce three different Data Challenges associated with the 2021 edition of the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principle and Practice of Knowledge Discovery from Data (ECML/PKDD).

You can find the list of the challenges with their associated website here:

Farfetch Fashion Recommendations Challenge:

Finding the planet in the noise: De-trending exoplanet light curves from non-linear noise:

Discover the mysteries of the Maya:

All the challenges have just started (1st of April 2021) and they will end the 1st of July 2021. The papers associated with the best performing methods are expected to be submitted for the 22nd of July 2022. Detailed instructions are available on the web page of each Data Challenge.

Looking forward to see your submission to one of the ongoing challenges
All the best

Paula Brito and Dino Ienco
Discovery Challenge Chairs