SIGIR 2021 Workshop on eCommerce (SIGIR eCom)

Call For Papers
SIGIR eCom is a full day virtual workshop taking place on Thursday,  July 15, 2021 in conjunction with SIGIR 2021.
Workshop website:

Important Dates:
- Submissions Due -  May 4, 2021
- Notification -  June 1, 2021   
- Camera Ready Version of Papers Due -  June 15, 2021
- SIGIR eCom Full day Workshop -  July 15, 2021

The SIGIR Workshop on eCommerce will serve as a platform for publication and discussion of Information Retrieval and NLP research & their applications in the domain of eCommerce. This workshop will bring together practitioners and researchers from academia and industry to discuss the challenges and approaches to product search and recommendation in eCommerce. The theme of this year's workshop is fairness in search and recommendation for eCommerce.

We invite quality research contributions, position and opinion papers addressing relevant challenges in the domain of eCommerce. We invite submission of papers and posters of two to ten pages (including references), representing original research, preliminary research results, proposals for new work, position and opinion papers. All submitted papers and posters will be single-blind and will be peer reviewed by an international program committee of researchers of high repute.  Accepted submissions will be presented at the workshop.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Ranking and Whole Page Relevance 
	– Diversity in product search and recommendations– Relevance models for multi-faceted entities 
	– Relevance vs. revenue 
	– Ranking features and learning mechanisms 
	– Deterministic sorts (e.g. price low to high) 
	– Temporal dynamics and seasonality 
• Query Understanding 
	– Query intent, query suggestions, and auto-completion 
	– Strategies for resolving low or zero recall queries 
	– Converting across modalities (e.g. text, structured data, images) 
• Document Understanding 
	– Categorization and facets 
	– Reviews and sentiment analysis 
• Recommendation and Personalization 
	– Personalization & contextualization, including the use of personal facets such as age, gender, location 
	– Blending recommendations and search results • Representations and Data – Data engineering and provenance for eCommerce 
	– Semantic representation of products, queries, and customers 
	– Construction and use of knowledge graphs for eCommerce 
• IR Fundamentals for eCommerce 
	– Cross-lingual search and machine translation 
	– Machine learning techniques for eCommerce applications 
	– Indexing and search in rapidly changing environments (e.g. auction sites) 
	– Experimentation techniques including AB testing and Multi-armed bandits 
• Other challenges 
	– Trust and fairness in eCommerce 
	– UX for eCommerce 
	– The role of search in trust and security for marketplaces 
	– Question answering and chatbots for eCommerce

Data/ Resource Track:
In order to promote academic research in the eCommerce domain, we plan to accept a small number of high quality dataset contributions. These submissions should be accompanied by a clear and detailed description of the dataset, some potential questions and applications that arise from it. Preliminary empirical investigations conveying any insight about the data will increase the quality of the submission.

Submission Instructions:
All papers will be peer reviewed (single-blind) by the program committee and judged by their relevance to the workshop, especially to the main themes identified above, and their potential to generate discussion.
All submissions must be formatted according to the latest ACM SIG proceedings template available at (LaTeX users use sample-sigconf.tex as a template).
Submissions must describe work that is not previously published, not accepted for publication elsewhere, and not currently under review elsewhere.  All submissions must be in English.
Please note that at least one of the authors of each accepted paper must register for the workshop and present the paper in-person.
Submissions to SIGIR eCom should be made at

Important Dates:
- Submissions Due -  May 10, 2021
- Notification -  June 1, 2021   
- Camera Ready Version of Papers Due -  June 10, 2021
- SIGIR eCom Full day Workshop -  July 15, 2021

SIGIR eCom Coveo Data Challenge:
The SIGIR eCom Data Challenge is organized by Coveo. Coveo is providing a large dataset of customer behavior sessions from a mid-size eCommerce domain. The task is to predict customer interactions. Advances in this research area have been limited due to the lack of real data from eCommerce companies. Making the data available will benefit researchers and practitioners who have not had the opportunity to contribute their ideas due to the previous lack of data. The Coveo dataset presents product level data, coupled with search-based interactions and content-based information. More details available soon at

Surya Kallumadi                 Lowe's, USA
Tracy Holloway King           Adobe, USA            
Shervin Malmasi                 Amazon, USA
Maarten de Rijke                 University of Amsterdam & Ahold Delhaize, The Netherlands

Workshop website:
Contact: Please direct all your queries to for help.