Dear Colleague,
I would like to invite you to take the opportunity of submitting an article to the Special Issue on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing: Emerging Methods and Applications, run by Array journal.

In the last decade, the use of Deep Learning has allowed to reach considerable improvements on many important tasks in the field of Natural Language Processing, such as machine translation and machine reading comprehension, search and information retrieval, visual question answering and conversational systems, sentiment analysis and recommender systems.

This special issue is intended to provide an overview of the research being carried out in the area of Natural Language Processing focusing on emerging Deep Learning methods and approaches for single and multiple language learning, understanding, generation and grounding, text processing and mining, question answering and information retrieval, as well as applications of them to different domains and also on resource-limited devices, granting explainability.

To this aim, the special issue aims to gather researchers with broad expertise in various fields to discuss their cutting-edge work as well as perspectives on future directions in this exciting field. Original contributions are sought, covering the whole range of theoretical and practical aspects, technologies and systems in this research area.

The topics of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

* Multilingual and cross-lingual neural language models;
* Low-resource natural language processing;
* Natural language understanding, generation and grounding;
* Text summarization, de-identification and mining;
* Sentiment analysis, emotion detection and opinion mining;
* Conversational systems, question answering and visual question answering;
* Search and information retrieval;
* Knowledge distillation and model compression;
* Neuroscience-inspired cognitive architectures;
* Trustworthy and explainable artificial intelligence;
* Applications in science, engineering, medicine, health-care, finance, business, law, education, industry, transportation, retailing, telecommunication and multimedia.

I hope this Call may be of interest for you.

Yours sincerely
Aniello Minutolo

Dr. Aniello Minutolo
Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking - National Research Council of Italy (ICAR-CNR), Naples, Italy
Phone +390816139515
Interests: knowledge-based technologies, natural language processing, decision support systems, dialog systems and chatbots