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  Applied Sciences (ISSN 2076-3417, IF 2.474) is currently running a Special Issue entitled “Data Mining and Machine Learning in Multimedia Databases”. I am serving as the Guest Editor for this topic.
I take great pleasure to have you informed that this issue is open for submission. Detailed information can be found at:
The submission deadline is October 15th, 2021. You may submit your manuscript now or up until the deadline. All accepted papers will be indexed by Web of Science and Scopus.

Please, find below the Call for Papers of this Special Issue.

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Ilaria Bartolini
Guest Editor
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI)
University of Bologna, Italy 


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Special Issue on “Data Mining and Machine Learning in Multimedia Databases”

Nowadays, thanks to the worldwide availability of cheap information-sensing devices (such as sensors, cameras, RFID readers, and mobile phones) and the growth of storage capacity, data generation has greatly increased, reaching several exabytes per day. Most of such data are of multimedia (MM) types, given the diffusion of inexpensive tools for creating/capturing images, videos, audio, textual documents, and so on.

This MM data avalanche has completely overrun existing techniques for extracting knowledge and value from conventional data. Automatic analysis of MM data is yet an open research issue due to their very complex nature and the lack of appropriate methodologies for accurate and efficient characterization of their content and semantics. Possible contexts of application include, among the others, smart cities, smart mobility, internet-of-things, public health, aging, public/citizen safety/security, advanced education, smart advertising, and automated industry.

This Special Issue focuses on data mining (DM) and machine learning (ML) techniques in the context of MM databases. Our aim is to collect the most recent evidence of innovation in extracting knowledge and value from MM data. We would like to gather researchers from different disciplines and methodological backgrounds to discuss new ideas, original research, recent results, and future challenges in this exciting area. 

Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Big data techniques for MM databases;
- Real-time analysis of massive MM data streams;
- Pipelines for MM data analysis;
- Bias in ML for MM data;
- MM data-driven decision making;
- Classification of MM data;
- Clustering of MM data;
- Prediction of MM data;
- Recommendation of MM data

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 
** 15 October 2021 **

For all information:

Guest Editor

Ilaria Bartolini (University of Bologna)