Issue 7 of Volume 14 of the Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB) is now available electronically at the VLDB website:

This issue consists of the following papers that have been accepted for the research track of VLDB 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark in March 2021:

- Collective Influence Maximization for Multiple Competing Products with an Awareness-to-Influence Model
Dimitris Tsaras, George Trimponias, Lefteris Ntaflos, Dimitris Papadias

- Finding Group Steiner Trees in Graphs with both Vertex and Edge Weights
Yahui Sun, Xiaokui Xiao, Bin Cui, Saman Halgamuge, Theodoros Lappas, Jun Luo

- Optimizing Bipartite Matching in Real-World Applications by Incremental Cost Computation
Tenindra Abeywickrama, Victor Liang, Kian-lee Tan

- The Case for NLP-Enhanced Database Tuning: Towards Tuning Tools that "Read the Manual"
Immanuel Trummer

- Errata for "Unifying Consensus and Atomic Commitment for Effective Cloud Data Management"
Sujaya Maiyya, Faisal Nawab, Divy Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi

- Software-Defined Data Protection: Low Overhead Policy Compliance at the Storage Layer is Within Reach!
Zsolt István, Soujanya Ponnapalli, Vijay Chidambaram

- TRACE: Real-time Compression of Streaming Trajectories in Road Networks
Tianyi Li, Lu Chen, Christian  Jensen, Torben Bach Pedersen

- Shortest Paths and Centrality in Uncertain Networks
Arkaprava Saha, Ruben Brokkelkamp, Yllka Velaj, Arijit Khan, Francesco Bonchi

- Adaptive Data Augmentation for Supervised Learning over Missing Data
Tongyu Liu, Yinqing Luo, Ju Fan, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Xiaoyong Du

- KLL±: Approximate Quantile Sketches over Dynamic Datasets
Fuheng Zhao, Sujaya Maiyya, Ryan Weiner, Divy Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi

- Distributed Numerical and Machine Learning Computations via Two-Phase Execution of Aggregated Join Trees
Dimitrije Jankov, Binhang Yuan, Shangyu Luo, Chris Jermaine

- An Inquiry into Machine Learning-based Automatic Configuration Tuning Services on Real-World Database Management Systems
Dana Van Aken, Dongsheng Yang, Sebastien Brillard, Ari Fiorino, Bohan Zhang, Christian Billian, Andrew Pavlo

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Proceedings Chairs, PVLDB Volume 14, 2021