Call for PhD applications
We are looking for a PhD candidate for the Clas-Ter project (Automatic classification of photographic images for the spatio-temporal monitoring of restoration sites), funded by the French "Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine" ( This project, between the ETIS, LASTIG and MAP research labs, is part of the scientific work of the CNRS and the Ministry of Culture for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral and, in particular, within the framework of the working group on "digital data" ( Several tens of thousands of photographic images, point clouds and 3D models documenting the cathedral in several temporal states (before, after fire and during the restoration) are available to the scientific project and will be exploited in the framework of this thesis.

The full description of the PhD subject, context and application procedure is available here:

Keywords: heritage science, computer vision, content-based retrieval, multimodal data analytics, data semantics.

Application deadline: April 15, 2021

Start date of the PhD: to be defined between spring and fall 2021