Leibniz AI & Security Fellowships - April 2021
Visiting Scientists/Professorships @ Leibniz University of Hannover / L3S, CISPA

Program Goal

The aim of the program is to support research visits of highly
qualified German and European researchers at the Faculty of Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science at Leibniz Universität Hannover, in
cooperation with the L3S Research Center within the framework of the
International Future Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in
Hannover, https://leibniz-ai-lab.de/ or with the CISPA / Center for
Information Security (Hannover location), https://cispa.de/.

The program will run through 2021, with a total volume of up to EUR
350.000.- Proposed research stays must be completed by December 31,


Leibniz AI & Security Fellowships are awarded for research stays of
3-6 months (remunerated according to TV-L E14 / E15 / W2 / W3,
depending on the qualification), as a substitute professorship (6
months), or (within the framework of a research leave in the case of
continued remuneration) in the form of an allowance for travel and
accommodation costs.


Very good PhD or habilitation / habilitation-equivalent achievements
in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science or in the
field of Information Security; above-average scientific qualification
(demonstrated by publications); independently developed research plan
and teaching offer for the master program of computer science
(seminars, lectures, master theses), coordinated with L3S or CISPA.


Applications can be submitted until 11 April 2021. Applications (cover
letter, curriculum vitae and research plan (maximum 4 pages each))
should be submitted electronically, to fellowships@L3S.de.

Applications will be reviewed by a commission (appointed by the L3S
Scientific Advisory Board and CISPA). On the basis of this review,
L3S, CISPA and the faculty prepare a corresponding proposal on which
the Presidential Board of Leibniz University decides in accordance
with § 35 para. 2 NHG.