Associate Professor position in Big Data Analytics
INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, is recruiting an associate professor starting in October 2021. 
The recruited professor will be affiliated with the LIRIS research laboratory ( and the Database group in the same lab for the research activity 
and will be in the Computer Science department of the INSA graduate school for teaching.

Research: Big Data Analytics
LIRIS wishes to strengthen its expertise in the field of data science, across the spectrum of data-driven problem solving. This covers different stages 
of data management: their collection and storage, their integration, their exploratory analysis with analytical or machine learning techniques, 
the explainability of the results obtained as well as the visualization of data and/or results. Data can be of different forms, 
from time series to structured (relational) or unstructured data (spreadsheets, graphs, linked data...) thus leading to data heterogeneity as one of the 
challenges in Big Data Analytics.
A multidisciplinary aspect is generally induced by the application domain underlying the data: medical, scientific (astrophysics, climate ...), urban, commercial, business, etc...
The characteristics of these data within their respective domain allow to revisit difficult fundamental problems such as data cleansing, integration of heterogeneous data sources, 
and to contribute to cross-fertilization between databases and machine learning. These data can therefore be analyzed specifically by integrating domain knowledge,
 ideally with declarative approaches that have made databases successful. The position concerns several societal issues induced by massive data management, 
 such as innovation for health, smart cities, artificial intelligence, digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Teaching: Information Systems and Big Data Analytics
The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology is committed to prepare very high-level engineers to play a prominent role in the digital transformation 
of the society. Leveraging in-depth base courses on the scientific and methodological fundamentals of computer science and IT, the department covers 
a broad technological spectrum and prepares the students for all IT jobs. The recruited person will give courses in the 3 years of the CS/IT department curriculum 
(in the engineering program, apprenticeship program, and distance learning program) in modules related to Information Systems and Big Data. 
In particular, she/he will contribute to teaching activities related to decision-making. She/He will be proactive for proposing new learning units at the frontier 
of information systems and artificial intelligence, in particular regarding machine learning.
As the department coordinates a very dense network of international partnerships, these courses will be mostly taught in English.
Finally, the recruited person will have to get involved in the collective tasks, taking part in all the pedagogical and administrative activities of the department.
A good level is required in French and English languages to provide teaching in these two languages in the long term.

Applications are encouraged from candidates with an excellent research record at their level of seniority. Candidates must have a PhD in Computer Science at the date of the application to fulfill the basic qualification requirement. 
We seek candidates who have a strong commitment to both research and teaching.

The full description of the position is available on the Galaxie French official site for academic recruitment: 

Research contacts: Angela Bonifati ( (Head of the DB Group) and Jean-Marc Petit ( (Director of the LIRIS lab) 

Teaching contact: Lionel Brunie ( 

The recruitment procedure uses the Galaxie French official site, with applications open until March 30, 2021 (4pm CET), but an early contact is encouraged if the candidate is not familiar with the French recruitment process.