Full-time Professor Position in Information System Security at Telecom SudParis

TELECOM SudParis, a member of the "Institut Polytechnique de Paris", is hiring a full-time Professor (M/F) in the area of Cybersecurity. We are seeking a high-potential candidate with experience in conducting teaching and research activities in the field of Information System Security. Candidates must hold a PhD and an habilitation degree (or equivalence) in a related domain, with at least 8 years research and teaching experience. Industrial experience and international exposure are expected.
We are seeking a talented professional carrying a research project related to information system security. The candidate will have to describe a research project demonstrating how his/her research in the field of information system security would strengthen or broaden the topics of the R3S (Network, System, Services and Security) team of the SAMOVAR lab (https://samovar.telecom-sudparis.eu). Identified interactions with the laboratories of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (ip-paris.fr) is encouraged. Research activities should cover information system security (cyber defense, malicious code detection, root code analysis, attack generation, attack and anomaly detection, forensics, decision making, countermeasure and risk reduction, alert correlation, security event management, tackling attacks), Machine Learning for cybersecurity (generation of data sets, security of systems based on AI, evolving ML adversaries), and/or technologies in verticals (critical systems, IoT, energy, transport, health, smart-*). He/she will participate in the development of the Cybersecurity virtualization platform (http://www.telecom-sudparis.eu/recherche/plateformes-recherche/), ensuring sustainability of the equipment.

The candidate will be responsible for coordinating, teaching and organizing Master’s level courses in cybersecurity (M1/M2) – both for the engineering stream and DNMs of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris -, and courses in the Formation Ingénieur par Apprentissage (FIPA), and for continuing training. He/she will also participate in the team's efforts on the common core training of students (L3/M1 level).

For further details about the position, please see the following page: 

Deadline for application: 31 March 2021
Contact: maryline.laurent@telecom-sudparis.eu 

Telecom SudParis (www.telecom-sudparis.eu) is a member of both Institut Polytechnique de Paris (ip-paris.fr) and Institut Mines-Télécom (www.imt.fr). Located both in Evry and Palaiseau, it offers an excellent environment for research and teaching. The candidate will join the R3S team (Network, System, Services, Security) of the SAMOVAR laboratory (https://samovar.telecom-sudparis.eu) and be associated to the computer science department (IDIA) at IP Paris.