Full Professor Position on data analytics/intelligence, at the University of Paris
LIPADE (computer science department in the University of Paris) invites expressions of interest for a tenured full professor position, starting in Fall 2021.

We are currently witnessing a tremendous increase in the amounts of data being produced and/or collected by various applications and scientific disciplines, ranging from life sciences (e.g., medicine, biology, neurolinguistics) and smart cities (such as manufacturing, transport), to Earth sciences (e.g., seismology, volcanology, oceanography), and physics and astrophysics (e.g., particle physics, cosmology or gravitational-wave astronomy). Therefore, we are in need of novel methods that can cope with the scale and complexity of data and tasks (dimensionality, heterogeneity, noise, weak signals, anomalies, complex patterns). In order to address these challenges, we need to employ new classes of scalable data analytics techniques, as well as machine learning (both supervised and unsupervised; including deep learning). 

Candidates should work on one of the following general areas: data analytics, machine learning, statistical learning, deep learning, data science, data intelligence. They should have a PhD in Computer Science (or a related field), and a demonstrated record for excellence in research and teaching, as well as in attracting funding. They should have a strong interest in interdisciplinary work. Candidates should already know, or be willing to learn French.

The selected candidate will have a principal affiliation to LIPADE (computer science department), and will also be affiliated to the Data Intelligence Institute of Paris (diiP), offering opportunities to interact with world-leading experts in a multitude of disciplines, including formal sciences (mathematics, computer sciences), physical sciences (physics, astronomy, geoscience), life sciences (medicine, biology, neuroscience), and social sciences (linguistics, sociology, economics, law).

How to Apply
Interested candidates should email Prof Themis Palpanas by *Mar15* a single pdf file with their detailed CV, including contact information of at least 3 references; in the email subject, use "lipade/diiP prof".
Themis Palpanas 

LIPADE <http://lipade.mi.parisdescartes.fr/>
LIPADE represents a vibrant and international research environment, and has several ongoing collaborations with top national and international academic and industrial partners. It is located in the center of Paris, in the bustling Saint-Germain-des-Pres area, and a short 5 minutes walk across the river Seine from Louvre.

The Data Intelligence Institute of Paris (diiP) is a nationally-funded "Iniative of Excellence", supporting interdisciplinary data intelligence initiatives, with the mission to address major contemporary scientific and societal challenges. The diiP institute gathers researchers from the Univ of Paris, SciencesPo, Univ of Sorbonne Paris Nord, and the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED); diiP is hosted at the Univ of Paris.

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