Subject: Call for Papers - Special Issue on “Computer Vision for Security Applications”


As Guest Editors, we cordially invite you to submit a manuscript for consideration and possible publication in a Special Issue on "Computer Vision for Security Applications" to be published in the journal Information (, ISSN 2078-2489), an EI, Scopus, DBLP, et al. indexed, open access journal.

The manuscript submission deadline is 1 October 2021. Anyway, despite the deadline date, each paper will be reviewd and processed as soon as it is received. The Special Issue on “Computer Vision for Security Applications” is focused on each and every aspect regarding automated security systems. In fact, the latter are gaining ever-increasing interest for both indoor and outdoor applications as a consequence of technological advances in acquisition devices. Specifically, video sequences, as well as static images, are exploited to obtain innovative solutions to heterogenous problems such as area surveillance and affect recognition. In particular, these applications are also employed in real-life security scenarios, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), disaster monitoring, train stations and airports, in multi-view camera surveillance for human action recognition, and high-stakes situations (e.g., interrogations and court trials) that affect recognition, highlighting the importance of reliable and well-performing systems. Moreover, while computer vision has significantly benefitted from deep learning algorithms and neural networks, well-known issues afflicting automated video-based security applications, such as different viewing angles, illumination changes, background clutter, occlusions, and long-term re-identification still remain open. Therefore, innovative solutions are required to further advance the available systems for their employment in real-life contexts.

This Special Issue is concerned with ground-breaking approaches addressing common issues of computer vision-based methods, with a particular emphasis on security applications with static and PTZ cameras, including action recognition, affect recognition, deception detection, person and vehicle re-identification, background modelling and foreground detection, and many others; UAVs, AUVs/ROVs, Rovers, including land monitoring, areas of interest surveillance, search and rescue, SLAM applications, target searching, and many others. Also surveys and/or comparative studies of security applications and/or methods are welcome. For more details please visit the special issue website:

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
With kind regards,

Guest Editors 
Prof. Danilo Avola
Prof. Daniele Pannone
Dr. Alessio Fagioli
Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
Department of Computer Science