Call For Papers
The Second Workshop on Data Science for Retail and E-Commerce

Co-located with The SIAM SDM Conference 2021 (April 29 - May 1, 2021)

Submission deadline - March 7, 2021

Data science and related techniques, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, are used in retail and e-commerce (Retail E-com) to provide a more efficient, convenient, and personalized shopping experiences to increase customer foot traffic and spend. 
The first Workshop on Data Science for Retail and E-Commerce (co-located with the SIAM SDM Conference 2021) provides an excellent opportunity to bring together experts in the community and tackle problems that can have an impact on this multi-trillion-dollar industry. 

This workshop welcomes submissions from both researchers and industry practitioners in Retail e-com. We solicit submissions in the form of research papers that propose new techniques and advances using data mining techniques for Retail e-com, as well as industry papers that describe practical applications and system innovations in Retail e-com application areas. Case studies, works-in-progress and position, and opinion papers are also welcome. Submissions are invited in the following format:
	•	Long papers are limited to 9 pages (including references).

	•	Short papers are limited to 6 pages (including references).

Topics of interest

	•	Product Search for e-commerce

	•	Recommender systems for e-commerce

	•	Product Knowledge Graphs

	•	Ontology mining for product graph construction

	•	Personalization & contextualization for e-commerce

	•	Product Question Answering

	•	Voice IVR and call routing for call center operations

	•	Shopping assistants, agents, and chat bots

	•	Sentiment analysis and opinion mining in user-generated content

	•	Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) prediction

	•	Personalized marketing

	•	Demand Prediction

	•	Assortment optimization

	•	Price optimization

	•	Optimized route planning

	•	Delivery Prediction

	•	Reviews and sentiment analysis

	•	Fraud and spam detection

	•	Relevant resources and datasets

Important dates

	•	Submission deadline - March 7, 2021

	•	Acceptance notification - March 27, 2021

	•	SDM pre-registration deadline - April 1, 2021

	•	Camera-ready deadline - April 8, 2021

Instruction for authors
All papers should have a maximum length of nine pages (single-spaced, two-column, 10 point font, and at least 1" margin on each side). The authors should use US Letter (8.5" x 11") paper size. Long papers are limited to 9 pages (including references) and short papers are limited to 6 pages (including references). Papers must have an abstract with a maximum of 300 words and a keyword list with no more than six keywords. Authors are required to submit their papers electronically in PDF format.

Papers must be prepared in LaTeX2e and formatted using SIAM’s macro. The macro is available here. The filename is (LaTeX2e). Make sure you use the SIAM macro; papers prepared using other macros will not be accepted.

Submissions can describe work that is either (i) not previously published, (ii) recently accepted but not published, or (iii) summarization or expansion upon the previously published work within the last 6 months. All submissions must be in English. Please note that at least one of the authors of each accepted paper must register for the workshop and present the paper in-person.

The deadline for paper submission is March 7, 2021. 
Submissions are handled through easy chair:

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