We are happy to announce the contents of 

++  Volume 98 of the Information Systems Journal  ++

This edition contains a special section on "Big Data for Smart Cities".

-- Regular articles --

Thomas Chatain, Mathilde Boltenhagen, Josep Carmona
Anti-alignments - Measuring the precision of process models and event logs
Information Systems, Volume 98, 2021, 101708, ISSN 0306-4379

T. M. Tariq Adnan, Md. Mehrab Tanjim, Muhammad Abdullah Adnan
Fast, scalable and geo-distributed PCA for big data analytics
Information Systems, Volume 98, 2021, 101710, ISSN 0306-4379

Paul Pop, Bahram Zarrin, Mohammadreza Barzegaran, Stefan Schulte, Sasikumar Punnekkat, Jan Ruh, Wilfried Steiner
The FORA Fog Computing Platform for Industrial IoT
Information Systems, Volume 98, 2021, 101727, ISSN 0306-4379

-- Special Section: Big Data for Smart Cities --

Marcos Aurelio Carrero, Martin A. Musicante, Aldri Luiz dos Santos, Carmem S. Hara
A DSL for WSN software components coordination
Information Systems, Volume 98, 2021, 101461, ISSN 0306-4379

Saeed Taghizadeh, Abel Elekes, Martin Schaeler, Klemens Boehm
How meaningful are similarities in deep trajectory representations?
Information Systems, Volume 98, 2021, 101452, ISSN 0306-4379

Regis Pires Magalhaes, Francesco Lettich, Jose Antonio Macedo, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Chiara Renso, Roberto Trani
Speed prediction in large and dynamic traffic sensor networks
Information Systems, Volume 98, 2021, 101444, ISSN 0306-4379

Victor A. Alencar, Felipe Rooke, Michele Cocca, Luca Vassio, Jussara Almeida, Alex Borges Vieira
Characterizing client usage patterns and service demand for car-sharing systems
Information Systems, Volume 98, 2021, 101448, ISSN 0306-4379

Dennis Shasha, Gottfried Vossen, Matthias Weidlich