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	Call for Journal Papers - Regular Papers - 2021 - 

  Transactions on Large-scale Data and Knowledge-Centered Systems TLDKS




Data management, knowledge discovery as well as knowledge processing are core 
and hot topics in computer science. They are widely accepted as enabling 
technologies for modern enterprises enhancing their performance, especially
in the decision making process. Since the 1990s the Internet has been the 
outstanding driving force for application development in all domains.

An increase in the demand of resource sharing (e.g. computing resources, 
services, metadata, data sources) across different sites connected through 
networks leads to an evolvement of data and knowledge management systems from 
centralized systems to decentralized systems enabling large scale distributed 
applications providing high scalability. 

The objective of the international journal on Large Scale Data and Knowledge 
Centered Systems is to provide an opportunity to disseminate original research 
contributions and a high quality communication platform for researchers and 
practitioners. The journal contains sound peer reviewed papers (research, state 
of the art and technical) of high quality.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   * Data Storage and Management
   * Data Integration and Metadata Management
   * Data Stream Systems
   * Data Semantic, Semantic Web and Ontologies
   * Knowledge Engineering and Processing
   * Sensor Data and Sensor Network
   * Dynamic Data Placement Issues
   * Query Processing and Optimization
   * Flexible, Robust and Adaptive Query Processing
   * Support for Scalable and Elastic Services
   * Data Warehousing
   * Cost Models
   * Resource Discovery
   * Resource Management, Reservation, and Scheduling
   * Locating Data Sources/Resources and Scalability
   * Workload Adaptability in Heterogeneous Environments
   * Transaction Management
   * Replicated Copy Control and Caching
   * Data Privacy and Security
   * Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
   * Mobile Data Management
   * Data Grid Systems
   * Data Management in Cloud Systems
   * Pricing Models
   * P2P Systems
   * Web Services
   * Autonomic Data Management
   * Large Scale Distributed Applications and Experiences
   * Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking.


Abdelkader Hameurlain, Paul Sabatier University, IRIT, France
A Min Tjoa, Technical University of Vienna, IFS, Austria

Editorial Board (see: https://www.irit.fr/tldks/)

Paper Submission Details

Authors are invited to electronically submit original research contributions or
experience reports in English.

   * The submitted manuscript must be submitted in pdf in LNCS format:
   * The length of submitted manuscripts should not exceed 40 pages.

For paper registration and electronic submission see:
    https://equinocs.cs.tu-dortmund.de/service/tldks-transactionsmaintrack (TLDKS - Regular Papers)

Submitted papers will be carefully evaluated based on originality, significance, 
technical soundness, and clarity of exposition.

The correspondent author will receive a first response within 10 weeks.