CFP: IT Support in the Healthcare Sector (Special Issue)

MDPI J - Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal
Special Issue belongs to the section "Public Health & Healthcare"

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 April 2021.
No abstract submission required.

In the healthcare field, the utilization of more and more types of information 
technology seems inevitable. The reasons for this are manifold. Growing 
pressure related to costs is certainly a prominent reason to develop new 
information technology for the healthcare sector. The effective organization 
of daily tasks is also often mentioned by stakeholders. Fortunately, several 
technical developments have become suitable for day-to-day use for different 
medical purposes. However, many questions and challenges remain unsolved. We 
currently face new opportunities in the context of big data, artificial 
intelligence, and medicine. Beyond this trend, many other thoughts and 
paradigms have emerged. For example, the advent of powerful mobile 
technologies provides several new options. Mobile technology is able to 
collect ecologically valid data at rather low costs and in a short period of 
time compared to clinical trials. On the other hand, this kind of collection 
strategy poses drawbacks compared to clinical trials, which must be considered 
carefully. Immersive analytics in medical data is another promising trend, 
which aims at helping healthcare professionals cope with the demands 
pertaining to the handling of big medical data sources. In this context, the 
field of decision support systems has been recognized by both researchers and 
practitioners. A focus on the medical evidence when using information 
technology should always be carefully kept in mind. For mobile health apps 
(mHealth apps), for example, there are still only a limited amount of 
researchers working on this issue.

This Special Issue aims at promoting original and high-quality papers in the 
context of IT support in the healthcare sector. In particular, the Guest 
Editor is seeking papers on information systems, mobile computing, data 
engineering, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, and immersive 
analytics. The Special Issue also welcomes papers on other topics (see 
keywords) related to IT support in the healthcare sector.

* Medical Information Systems
* Hospital Information Systems
* Data Lakes
* Infrastructures
* Interoperability
* Mobile Computing
* Data Engineering and Data Analytics
* Machine Learning
* Immersive Analytics
* Decision Support Systems
* Technologies for Personalized Medicine
* Technologies for Preventive Medicine
* Technologies for non-communicable diseases
* Supporting Integrated Care Models

Rüdiger Pryss (Institute of Clinical Epidemiology und Biometry, University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany)
Johannes Schobel (Institute of Medical Systems Biology, Ulm University, Ulm, Germany)

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