Title: Several Postdoc and Intern Research Positions at Huawei International (EU/Canada/Asia) Research Centres on Trustworthy and Open Source Software Engineering
Huawei Technologies R&D Ltd is looking for engineering-minded researchers and research-minded engineers to join our global Trustworthy Software Engineering and Open Source initiatives. Our vision is to enhance the lives of humanity and improve the environment by building a fully connected and intelligent world. As the world’s largest R&D organization with 80,000+ employees in research centres around the globe and a 2 billion USD investment over the next 5 years to improve the trustworthy of software engineering practices, we invite you to join us and drive your research career forward.

Successful candidates will conduct fundamental research and prototype development for next generation solutions for Vulnerability Management, Open Source Management, AI Engineering, Trusted Programming, and Performance Engineering.  We are looking for researchers whose skills and interests include, e.g., programming language design and implementation, knowledge-based automated software engineering, requirements engineering and design, deep learning for software engineering, software engineering for AI, open-source system development, software analysis, software testing, and software analytics. Candidates should have a solid computer science background, be comfortable with independent research, have competent programming skills, and a good publication record. 

Candidates are expected to have an active role in various collaboration efforts with universities and industry, both at the national and international level while also being offered the freedom to purse their own interests and establish an independent industry-relevant research program. Candidates will received mentorship and career guidance by several world leading scientist that are already on board.

Candidates should have strong related research experience as evidenced through participation in research projects, publications at top peer-reviewed venues in the field, or active participation in the open-source community. Last, good communications skills in English and an ambition to deliver outstanding world-leading research are essential. There are currently several open positions, to be filled on a rolling basis up until the closing date of 31st Dec 2021. For this ad we seek to recruit in the following locations: Dublin-Ireland, Kingston-Canada, and Singapore as well as Huawei offices across China.

Working as part of the research division will involve theoretical and practical computer science research within the Huawei Research Centres, and external cooperation with universities in Ireland (Lero), UK, EU, Canada, Singapore, and many centres of excellence in China (Shenzhen, Peking, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, etc.). This poses an excellent opportunity for highly impactful multi-disciplinary research, as your results will be used (directly or indirectly) in a vast array of Huawei products and services as well as being shared with the international research community.

Key responsibilities include:
- Theoretical and practical research for future software systems.
- Analysing and understanding requirements for the next generation software engineering.
- Designing and implementing key technical building blocks and prototypes for the next generation of software engineering
- Collaborating on publications at top-tier peer-reviewed publication venues in the relevant research fields.
- Cooperating with universities in EU, Canada, Asia, assisting the team in transferring the results from academia to industry.
- Building the overall competence of Huawei software engineering practices.

Essential criteria:
- Demonstrable research experience in software systems and engineering as well programming languages and AI.
- Understanding of SE internals (for candidates with an engineering background) and/or a good publication in SE areas (for candidates with a research background).
- Excellent systems programming skills and willingness to adopt new languages to suit the problem domain.
- Ability to pick up and excel on new technologies.
- Good verbal and written communication skills in English.

Desired criteria:
- A degree (or working towards one) in Computer Science or comparable history of software engineering research and development.
- Strong knowledge of latest advances in software engineering/programming languages/software systems.
- Proficiency in programming and team communications.
- Publication record in world-class Computer Science academic conferences/journals.
- Project experience relevant to software tooling internals (commercial/academic R&D or hobby/university projects)
- Demonstrated open-source projects is a plus but not required.

Applications are invited by e-mail before Dec 31, 2021 or until the positions are filled. The application package should be emailed to cse@huawei.com and should consist of:

1) A cover letter with a short research statement. The letter should also indicate the locations that interest you and your legal working status in these locations.
2) A curriculum vitae with detailed information regarding your academic degree, research projects and publications.
3) The names and email addresses of three references.
4) Sample publications (two recent publications) and a brief justification of the rationale for picking these publications [especially for the postdoc position].