Call for Papers
Special Issue- Journal of Banking and Financial Technology:
Blockchain Technologies in Banking and Finance
Submission deadline: April 25, 2021
Publication: October 2021
Guest Editor: Sandeep Shukla,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur, India
The Special Issue aims at providing a platform for the theoretical foundations and
the state-of-the-art applications in banking and finance. It encompasses issues
such as trust, privacy, theoretical underpinnings, managerial issues and various applications such as payment
systems, cyber security etc. in financial services industry.
Original studies, empirical research articles as well as survey & position articles welcome. The articles should be
of general interest to researchers, students, cyber security professionals and practitioners. Submissions based
on one or more papers that were published elsewhere must have a major update to the extent of at least 50%
of new material. Authors are requested to attach the previously published articles and a document detailing the
enhancements, improvements made in the journal’s version. All submissions will be subject to a rigorous peerreview process that looks into the relevance, scientific quality, significance, originality, style and clarity.
Topics of this special issue include but not limited to:
? Public and private blockchain
? Security and privacy issues on blockchain technologies
? Novel Applications of blockchain in banking, insurance and finance
? Symbiotic relationship between AI/ML in blockchain technologies
? Smart Contracts
? Technical and analytical issues related to Cryptocurrencies
? New Innovations in blockchain technologies
? Interplay between big data analytics and blockchain technologies
? Role of blockchain for financial inclusion
? Applications of blockchain to improve cyber security
? Blockchain and FinTechs
? Consensus Protocols
? Zero Knowledge Proof
? Multiparty Computations
? Trust in blockchain, barriers to its implementation and other managerial issues
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Submission process: At the time of article submission, please select the Topical Issue (TI) of your choice. This
Topical Issue section can be found under the ‘Additional Information’ Section.
Please follow the given steps:
Step I - ‘Does this manuscript belong to a special issue? Yes/No’. Please enter ‘Yes’.
Step II - The author must choose the Topical Issue of choice, which will be: Blockchain Technologies in Banking and
Finance- selects thistitle from the drop down list.
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