Dear all,

OpenCitations ( has been established as a fully free and open infrastructure to provide access to global scholarly bibliographic and citation data through Semantic Web technologies, and it is among the infrastructures selected by SCOSS for its second round of crowdfunding support. During this and the following years, we plan to strengthen the current technical and computational infrastructure (server, parallel processing, backup, etc.) used by OpenCitations, which is currently hosted at the University of Bologna. 

For this purpose, we now seek applicants for a new **three-year research fellowship** to be held from March 2021, for which the application closing deadline is 7 February 2021. The principal goals of this research fellowship are:

* to study the current limitations of the OpenCitations infrastructure and introduce improvements, and
* to design and implement new software control tools that will enable us to manage the infrastructure more efficiently.

The position has a **net salary** (exempt from income tax, after deduction of social security contributions) in excess of **23K** euros per year. Candidates need to apply exclusively through the University of Bologna web portal. Additional information, including a brief description of the activities and the call for application, are available at: 

If you know any potential candidate who might be interested in this opportunity, I would be most grateful if you could please forward this information to them. You or they should feel free to contact me ( for further information.

Have a nice day :-)


Silvio Peroni, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies
University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)

Director, OpenCitations -