The newly established Data Science (DS) research group at the University of Innsbruck invites applications for a PhD position. The group is headed by Prof. Adam Jatowt at the Department of Computer Science [1] and Digital Science Center [2]. See DBLP [3] for a list of publications and research topics we work on.

The project is in the intersection of IR and NLP research areas and is concerned with question answering over large news article collections. The goal of this project is to create the resources and methods necessary to automatically answer detailed questions about news events. The announced position is part of a long-term research effort, which started in 2019 towards novel approaches to access news archives. The two first publications form the basis of ongoing and future work in the project [4,5]. 

Applicants should have a strong undergraduate/graduate degree in computer science, NLP, AI, machine learning or a related discipline. 

The University of Innsbruck was founded in 1669 and today, with 27,000 students and more than 4,000 employees, is the largest and most important research and educational institution in Western Austria. Located in the heart of the Alps, the University of Innsbruck provides the best conditions for successful research and education. 44% of students are international students.

The position will be available for up to four years, starting in early/mid 2021. The minimum gross salary (stipulated by collective agreement) for 20 hours per week amounts to  1,465 per month (14 times). The salary will be increased to  2,197 for 30 hours per week once the dissertation agreement has been signed and sent to the Personnel Department. The salary may be higher if you have worked in a similar position before. 

More information is available at [6]. All applications sent before February, 6, 2021 will receive full consideration. The position remains open until filled. Female and international candidates are warmly encouraged to apply.

Applications can be made through [6] or per e-mail ( and should include a research statement and CV including a list of publications and published software.