OCEL Standard for Object-Centric Process Mining Released!


The purpose of the OCEL standard is to provide a general standard to interchange object-centric event data with multiple case notions. It complements the XES standard, the official IEEE for exchanging event data, and supported by most process mining tools. OCEL does not impose a case notion and sits, therefore, in-between classical event logs (e.g., in XES format) and data in real-life information systems (SAP, Oracle, Inform, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc.). Therefore, OCEL can be used to provide a more holistic view of the process, i.e., different types of objects (e.g., orders, items, customers, payments, and shipments) can be stored without enforcing a single viewpoint. We developed process mining techniques exploiting OCEL and creating holistic models (e.g., Object-Centric Petri Nets). However, OCEL can also be used as an intermediate storage format between, e.g., SAP and classical process mining techniques requiring a single case notion. 

We welcome feedback on this new exchanged format. Visit http://ocel-standard.org/ and send us your input via ocel@pads.rwth-aachen.de.