Dear all, 

You’re cordially invited to join EmoRegCom Competition at ICDAR 2021.

The competition task aims at extracting the emotions of comic characters in comic scenes. It is hence a multi-modal analysis task taking advantages from the fields of computer vision and natural language processing. It could be to the interest to the communities of document analysis and recognition, machine learning, computer vision.

Important dates :
 ▪ Registration open (see above link): December 01, 2020
 ▪ CodaLab, warm-up data and evaluation tools available: December 16, 2021
 ▪ Training dataset and evaluation tools available: January 10, 2021
 ▪ Registration deadline: January 30, 2021
 ▪ Test dataset available: March 24, 2021
 ▪ Result submission deadline: March 31, 2021 (midnight UTC)
 ▪ Result notification: April 06, 2021
 ▪ Result publication at ICDAR conference: September 5-10, 2021