The University of Liege (Belgium) invites applications for a tenured or tenure-track full-time academic position in "Data Representation and Engineering" in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Montefiore Institute) of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, to be filled ideally by September 1st, 2021. 
The new faculty member will join the EECS department and develop theoretical and/or applied research on data representation and engineering, with a focus on e.g. (i) the foundations and architectures of databases, such as relational, non-relational, object-oriented, graph-oriented, distributed, temporal, probabilistic, or incomplete databases (ii) methods, languages and tools for representing and reasoning on semantic data and knowledge, (iii) metadata management, data provenance, data protection. 
He/she will also take part in the teaching activities in computer science, data science, and computer engineering, both at the undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master) levels, e.g. on databases, advanced databases, large-scale data systems, and knowledge representation and reasoning. 
The selected candidate will be appointed either for a tenured position, or for a 4-year tenure-track with a possibility to get tenure after 3 years. 
Applications must be sent by email before February 15, 2021. 
More details are available at: 
EECS department: