The 34th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems (IEA/AIE 2021)


Healthcare has always been an important area, for both the governments and the population, where the technology has been playing important roles in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Recent reports indicate that the healthcare sector will experience an important growth in the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a disruptive technology with the potential to revolutionize health and social care applications. While AI has the potential of delivering significant health benefits, it is apparent that there are still significant practical challenges, as well as ethical and regulatory concerns associated with the use of AI in healthcare.

This special session will provide a forum for international researchers and practitioners to share and discuss their original and interesting work on addressing new challenges and research issues in the area.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the use of AI, machine learning and deep learning to:
Ethics and regulation
* Accessible diagnostic and prognostic systems
* Tracking infections and health monitoring
* Health equity
* Fairness and bias in AI/ML systems
* Generalisation across populations or systems
* Democratising AI health research
* Improving patient participation in health
* Data collections, benchmarking, and performance evaluation
* Non-traditional delivery of healthcare

Prediction, diagnosis, and treatment
* Medical imaging: segmentation, classification, etc.
* Ultrasound and audio data analysis
* Deep learning for multi-omics (genomics, proteomics, etc.)
* Predictive analysis using medical data (patients flow, readmissions, etc.)
* AI for performance improvement in healthcare
* Predicting and forecasting epidemic outbreaks
* Predicting health risks from patient data
* Vaccines and drugs development
* AI for personal health management 
* AI for medical resource management
* AI-based systems for training health professionals
* Computer-aided automated diagnosis

Important Dates
* Submission deadline:	Jan 20, 2021
* Final Notification:	February 28, 2021
* Registration:		April 1, 2021
* Camera Ready:		April 1, 2021
* Conference:		July 26 –29, 2021 

Submission details
We are inviting original research submissions (FULL 12 pages) and work-in-progress (SHORT 6 pages). Submitted papers must be formatted using the Springer LNCS/LNAI style and follow guidelines of the IEA AIE 2021 conference ( ).
Submission Site: 

Dr. Moulay Akhloufi, PRIME research group, Department of Computer Science, University of Moncton, Moncton, NB, Canada
Dr. Yun Sing Koh, The University of Auckland, New Zealand 
Professor Gillian Dobbie, The University of Auckland, New Zealand 
Dr. Bardia Yousefi, Department of Radiology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Dr. Edmond Zhang, Orion Health, New Zealand
Dr. Zhijin Wang, College of Computer Engineering, Jimei University, China
Professor Philippe Fournier-Viger, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Shenzhen, China