Special Issue on "Computer Vision for Weapon and Violence Detection"
Deadline: 30 August 2021
Electronics (Impact Factor 2.412)

Dear Colleagues,

While automatic video surveillance has led to early successful research in tasks such as unattended baggage detection, loitering detection and virtual fences, new tasks are now being explored, such as violence detection and weapon detection. Despite their complexity, such applications are being fueled by powerful deep learning methodologies. Obviously, these are valuable capabilities in many scenarios (jail cells and yards, public buildings, etc.) and in countries where the population is allowed to keep and bear firearms. One vivid example is in the Parkland, Florida school shooting in 2018, where the shooter was caught on camera pulling his rifle out of a bag for 15 seconds before discharging the first round. Early detection is crucial to save lives and reduce damage. The purpose of this Special Issue is to provide an academic platform to publish high-quality research papers on the applications of innovative AI algorithms to violence and weapon detection.

The potential topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

- Violence detection;
- Aggressive behavior detection;
- Fight detection;
- Vandalism detection;
- Firearm detection;
- Knife detection;
- Suspicious object detection;
- Combination with other modalities or sensors (i.e., sound, multispectral, 3D, etc.);
- Violence detection from mobile platforms (i.e., drones) or PTZ cameras;
- Real-life applications;
- Datasets.

Dr. Oscar Deniz Suarez
Dr. Juan Antonio Álvarez García
Dr. Noelia Vállez Enano
Guest Editors