The research group for „Knowledge Management in Bioinformatics“ at the Institute for Computer Science, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, has an open research position in the area of scalable provenance management and analytics for workflows for large-scale scientific data analysis.

The position is part of the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center "FONDA – Foundations of Workflows for Large-Scale Scientific Data Analysis". In this project, more than 50 researchers will jointly research the foundations of innovative infrastructures for the large-scale analysis of scientific data sets. The CRC is highly interdisciplinary, embracing software engineering, distributed systems, databases, bioinformatics, image analysis, theoretical physics, and satellite-based remote sensing. It centers on the concept of data analysis workflows (DAW), and aims to research new approaches to enhance DAW portability, adaptability, and dependability, by developing new languages, optimization techniques, provenance analysis algorithms, workflow compilers, and other components of distributed workflow systems. 

FONDA is situated in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Over the last years, Berlin has developed into an international highly attractive city, both for working and living. 

The position is part of FONDA subproject S1, which is the CRC's central hub for the collection, benchmarking, steering, and characterization of data analysis workflows (DAWs) within the rich FONDA ecosystem. The holder of this position will focus on the creation of a scalable provenance store optimized for specific access and analysis methods to support a multitude of applications developed within FONDA, like adaptive scheduling, provenance mining, explorative DAW creation, or DAW debugging. She or he will work closely with a second position in this subproject, supervised by Prof. Kao, Technische Universität zu Berlin. 

The position is equally suited for an ambitious PhD student with interest in large-scale data analysis or an excellent PostDoc with fresh ideas on these topics and a proven track record.

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